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“Fiona and I wanted to express in writing how delighted we were with all of your help and assistance in setting up our wireless IT system in our new office. Your unbiased advice has helped us to work more efficiently and without trailing cables more safely too. ”

Steve and Fiona Bolt, Directors, Vivid Financial Services Ltd.


As Computers have become an everyday necessity the threat from viruses, malware and trojans (as well as a host of other potentially dangerous intruders) should not go neglected. Rogue software can affect a system's operation or cause disastrous and extensive data corruption and prevention is far better than cure - and costs a lot less.

Ensuring that there are no damaging infiltrations into your system is important. Installing firewalls, ensuring that correct software is being used and putting in place good practice procedures are all important factors in keeping your system secure. We can assist by putting the right protection in place for you from the start. We can also audit and monitor your network on an ongoing basis to ensure the latest “patches” are in place and that virus check software is kept up to date.

Not only is data recovery expensive, but damaged, corrupt or lost data can be at least disruptive or at worst fatal to a business. Nexcen can work with you to ensure your exposure to infection is minimised.


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