Clients love us

“I won’t use the exact words Adam used to describe the speed of his new PC, let’s just say he was impressed. He was also impressed at the price and thought it was great value for money.”

Matt Anderson, Director, Anderson Architecture


Internet connectivity is is a crucial component of virtually any business today and for some it is critical to their success. We can assist in getting the right product for your company, ensuring your staff and clients have the best connectivity available.

Nexcen works with a number of trusted dedicated telecoms companies that have access to a variety of products that can enhance and improve broadband speeds. Once that installation is at your door, we can ensure that it works in your premises. This includes installing the routers, switches, cabling and wireless products to maximum effect and either integrating it into your existing network or restructuring this so that it all works perfectly. We can also build in redundancy, minimising down time and broadband dropouts, whilst keeping your productivity levels up.

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