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“I would highly recommend Richard and Nexcen as a one stop shop for all your IT needs. ”

Matt Anderson, Director, Anderson Architecture

Apple Mac Support

Many of our clients want to use Mac’s alongside PC’s within their organisation. We are able to source and supply Mac’s and provide support within the network environment.

Business IT Support

Business IT Support. This is where we specialise. We have been looking after the IT and computer interests of our commercial clients since day one. As a business ourselves we totally understand the needs of other businesses. We supply good quality computer hardware and systems and back it up with reliable cost effective maintenance, management and support. We are innovative and keep our eye on costs to our clients at all times. We offer a range of support packages and bespoke options to suit individual requirements.

Our aim is to be the first port of call for all things IT. Outsourcing IT is an efficient way of managing a business. Staff will not need to get bogged down with issues that they might have limited knowledge of thereby freeing them up to concentrate on their own job.

We are viewed as the “IT department” by many of our clients. They will talk with us first hand before moving ahead with development plans within their organisation allowing us to advise them on keeping the IT systems up to date and capable.

Computer Health Checks

Have you ever noticed that over a period of time PC’s don’t seem to be as quick as they used to be? It’s a fact that performance will deteriorate if you don’t keep on top of basic security and housekeeping routines. We can assist with keeping your PC’s performance where it should be. We can scan and clean systems removing the stuff that impinges on performance.

Data Recovery Bristol

If the unthinkable does happen and you do loose data then we can help with the recovery process. We have tools and methods that can assist in recovering data from certain types of hardware failure, and if we can’t do it, we know people who can. We would however prefer it if we were able to help you before hand with a backup system that prevented data loss.

Email Troubleshooting

Communication is at the centre of today’s business and social life. We are able to troubleshoot problems with email and advise on the best systems to deploy that suit the way you want to work and communicate. This might involve receiving and sending emails across multiple devices, both in and away from the office.

General Tech Help

Whatever your question or query regarding IT we are likely to be able to offer advice, support and a solution. Whilst everyone has a unique scenario, it’s probable we have come across similar circumstances and are able to pass on our knowledge. Please call us and we will do whatever we can to assist. We have many years of dealing with many aspects of IT support for business

IT Dept Holiday Cover

We have a number of clients to whom we offer help to in house IT staff. We are there for them not only on a day to day basis, but become even more involved when staff are ill or on holiday.

Microsoft Server Support

Servers are often at the centre of IT infrastructure. When a server fails it will bring a business to its knees. We offer support to MS Servers and networks, building robust systems that do a job. Ongoing Server maintenance is essential to ensure the network handles data efficiently. We can monitor performance and offer a speedy response to problems

Remote IT Support

We can remote access clients systems to provide quick on the spot support. We can often save a site visit by remote access, sorting issues and getting systems up and running again in minimal time.

Tuition - Tailored to your needs

We are able to provide basic tuition to users who are unsure or unfamiliar with the latest operating systems and hardware. We can pass on advice and teach procedures to users that are

Virus removal

Despite best efforts, there is always the chance that a virus or malware infection will get into a system. We can assist in the removal of such intrusions limiting the damage and disruption that can be caused.

Web Design and Hosting

We offer support and assistance in this field. Whilst we don’t undertake web site work in house, we work very closely with design companies that can provide a complete service. We can however advise on the best way to manage domains or even look after them for you.

What is Backup

In a nutshell, its ensuring that in the event of data loss there is a copy of the data in an accessible location in the format you need to replace the original. We can assist and advise on the types of backup best suited to your business or personal needs.

This might mean a robust combination of tapes, external drives and off line services or just a simple 2 click process to secure your data. Backing up your data is paramount. Statistics show that any company suffering a major data loss is likely to experience serious financial difficulties within a short period of time and can even cause the business to fail.

Wireless Network Installation

There is an increase in the need to access networks and the internet from ever remote locations via tablets, phones and laptops. We can install Wi-Fi networking equipment that can give you the access you need from where you want it. Technology in this field moves rapidly and we are able to keep you up to speed with latest developments.

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